Please refer to the Admissions Regulations for the criteria governing admission.

Admission applications will be considered on the basis of the documentation presented.

The documentation must be objective and/or produced by a third party and may take the form of invoices, note di prestazione (fee receipt notes for professional services issued by non-VAT registered professionals), detailed declarations by clients, detailed declarations by an accountant, certificates of service issued by employers that specifically indicate the duties carried out as a translator and/or interpreter and/or civil-service linguist, studi di settore (Italian statistical studies for the estimation of taxes due by firms in specific industries) or other appropriate tax documentation.

In order to be able to assess the merit of an application, it is fundamental that the documentation presented contains a clear and explicit reference to the type of work carried out (translation: the no. of cartelle (Italy’s standard unit)/words/lines translated; interpreting: the type - liaison, consecutive or simultaneous - and the no. of days), the period of work and the language combination (one of the combination’s two languages must necessarily be Italian).

Please use the guided procedure to check whether you meet the requirements for submitting an admission application.

NB: Should you still have any queries after reading the pages in the Admissions section, please address them to the Admissions Help Desk.or the Association’s other bodies or the regional divisions.


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