In accordance with Art. 6 of the Admissions Regulations, Associate Members who wish to become Qualified Members must pass a test assessing their eligibility for their requested AITI professional qualification.

For further information on the eligibility test, please see articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the Admissions Regulations.

A vademecum on how to approach the test for translators is also available.

If you would like to check that you meet the requirements for submitting an application, go to the Guided Procedure.

- Should already existing Qualified Members wish to apply to sit the eligibility test in order to add another qualification or language combination, they can access the online application process from their own personal area (after logging in through the site).

IMPORTANT: should you still have any queries after reading the pages in the Admissions section, please address them to the Admissions Help Desk or contact the Association’s other bodies or the Regional Divisions.

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