Application for Admission as an Associate Member 2018

First Session

30/03 Session opens

05/05 (4.00 PM) Deadline for submitting the documentation to the Admissions Help Desk (see the notes marked *** below)

15/06 Notification of admission from the Admissions Help Desk of admission to sit the test

22/09 Online written test for translators

January 2019 Oral test in hall for interpreters

- "Online written test" means a test that will be carried out from the applicant’s habitual workplace (at home or in the office) via the e-mail address communicated during the application process.

- The results of the eligibility tests will be communicated to candidates within 10-12 weeks of sitting the test.

NB: Should you still have any queries after reading the pages in the Admissions section, please address them to the Admissions Help Desk or the Association’s other bodies or the regional divisions.

***IMPORTANT: applications sent during the week preceding a session’s expiry date will be considered in relation to that session ONLY if they are complete and do not require integration with any of the documents needed i.e. only if they contain ALL the documentation requested and that documentation meets the requirements set out in the admissions regulations.

Where this is not the case, incomplete applications cannot be approved.

Candidates are therefore advised to send in their applications well in advance of the deadline and to read all the information regarding requirements, all the website pages in the Admissions section, the FAQs and the instructions contained in the online admission application form CAREFULLY before sending in their application.
The same applies for applications sent during the week preceding a session’s deadline and containing a considerable number of invoices that would be impossible to evaluate within a short timeframe.

See also:
The Admissions Regulations